NA 2015

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May 18, 2015
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Documentation, Disrupted: How Two Technical Writers Changed Google Engineering Culture — Riona MacNamara mp4
Elevating the Hedgehog: Creativity in Tech Writing — Tana Franko mp4
Entry points and guide posts: Helping new contributors find their way — Janet Swisher mp4
How GitHub uses GitHub to document GitHub — Garen J. Torikian mp4
Keep 'em playing — Torrey Podmajersky mp4
Keynote: The Federated Wiki — Ward Cunningham mp4
Lightning Talks mp4
Martial Arts Philosophy Forged an Ad Hoc Writing Team that Writes Great Docs — Gaylin Walli mp4
Start Your Own Write The Docs Meetup Group — Mike Jang mp4
Success is more than not-failing — Heidi Waterhouse mp4
What Can Brownfield Do For You? — Mo Nishiyama mp4
A brief history of math writing: symbol, structure, and proof — Alfonso Roman , Emily Hoffmann mp4
A Developers Approach to Documentation: From Passive to Dynamic — Gregory Koberger mp4
Designing Information for Growth — Marya DeVoto mp4
How to Write Documentation for People that Don't Read — Kevin Burke mp4
Introduction — Eric Holscher mp4
Keynote: We Are All Abbott and Costello — Marcia Riefer Johnston mp4
Let’s Tell a Story: Scenario-Based Documentation — Matt Ness mp4
Lightning Talks mp4
Tech writing in a continuous deployment world — Christine Burwinkle mp4
User-Story Driven Docs — Joao Fernandes mp4
Writer, Meet Tester — Arthur Louie , Jody Bleyle mp4