Elaine Tsai

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Translating Customer Interactions to Documentation
NA 2013
Elaine Tsai , Nisha George
Recorded: April 8, 2013Language: English

If customers have problems they can’t find answers to or need to report an issue then they contact your Customer Support team. Support is first line of defense to keeping your customers happy. But, customers are happiest when they can find answers on their own without having to wait for a response from Support. When Support owns a portion of the docs: customers are empowered to find solutions on their own, the incoming volume of tickets reduces and companies can better scale their internal teams in relation to their growing customer base. This presentation will cover the types of documentation that your company’s Support team should own along side the documentation maintained by Engineering. We will give examples of how your Support team can:

Turn incoming tickets into FAQs to prevent future tickets Provide answers for all types of customers, from beginners to experts Create positive experiences for customers and internal teams