Ashleigh Rentz

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The technical challenges of serving docs at Google’s scale
NA 2013
Ashleigh Rentz
Recorded: April 9, 2013Language: English

Google Code launched in 2005, hosting documentation for Google’s public APIs and Open Source software. Five years later, massive growth in the company’s developer offerings had pushed the site’s infrastructure to the max. What sorts of problems can sneak up when you go from 11 APIs to over a hundred? Or when many of those docs rapidly expand from hundreds to thousands of pages? And how can you build a serving infrastructure that won’t leave a room of execs holding their collective breath when new products launch at your annual showpiece conference? Join Google Developer Programs’ Ashleigh Rentz for a behind-the-scenes retrospective: learn what it took to migrate a massive documentation library to a new home at Google Developers ( without freezing the existing site and how the new backend leverages both Open Source and Google technology to provide a CMS that truly scales.