Say More With Less: Writing for a Global Audience


"We don't do translation; we only post to our website in English." Think again. Over 80% of Internet users have English as a second language or as "no language." Whatever you share online is destined to be translated into other languages with Google Translate and other free tools.

You don't have to buy an expensive set of localization/translation tools to get started. You don't even have to create translation memory. You simply have to think and write differently. And, most of what your high school English teacher taught you won't be of any help. This brief presentation will cover the key stumbling blocks that Maxwell Hoffmann discovered during his 12 years in the translation industry. In this session you will get a taste of how to "write tight", eliminate stair-step lists, minimize unnecessary tables and the trouble with gerunds, among other things. The good news? This method of content creation is also more effective for client retention with your clientele who are native English speakers.